Mini Course: Making Schematics in Inkscape by Joeli Kelly

Mini Course: Making Schematics in Inkscape

Professional looking schematics for knitwear designers


Do you need professional looking schematics? With this offer, I provide you with 24 pre-made schematics as .svg files which can be edited and customised to fit your needs. You'll also get tutorials which show you how to use the free software Inkscape to customise these schematics and how to create your own from scratch!

What's included?

Video Icon 1 video File Icon 5 files


Pre-made Schematics Download
65.4 KB
How to Customise the Pre-made Schematics
Video Tutorial
7 mins
Video Tutorial
Making Your Own Schematics
Set-up Your Default Page
How To Create A Simple Schematic
How to Create a Hat Schematic

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