Mini Course: Designer Bootcamp by Joeli Kelly

Mini Course: Designer Bootcamp

Step-by-step process to creating, publishing, marketing and selling your first design.


Does this sound familiar?

  • I couldn't ever be a designer because I'm not [creative enough, smart enough, good enough, etc.]
  • I have so many ideas for patterns but I don't know where to start turning them into patterns.
  • I've created a few patterns but [I don't really know what I'm doing, it's just a hobby, I couldn't ever really earn any money from it.]

Designer Bootcamp is designed to bust through those fears and worries and show you that whatever your goal is, it's totally possible to achieve it

Here's what we cover in this course:

  1. Picking Yarn and Stitch Pattern 
  2. Sketching
  3. Swatching for Gauge
  4. Planning and Casting On
  5. Knitting the Sample
  6. Grading 
  7. Calculating Yardage
  8. Photography 
  9. Pattern Layout
  10. Tech Editing and Test Knitting
  11. Publishing and Promoting Your Pattern 
  12. Moving Forward

What's included?

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Step 1: Picking Yarn and Stitch Pattern
Step 2: Sketching
Step 3: Swatching For Gauge
Step 4: Planning & Casting On
Step 5: Knitting the Sample
Step 6: Grading
Step 7: Calculating Yardage
Step 8: Photography
Step 9: Layout
Step 10: Tech Editing & Test Knitting
Step 11: Publishing & Promoting Your Pattern
Step 12: Moving Forward
How do I know if my design will be popular?
How can I become more adventurous with my designs?
What program do you use to create knitting charts?
How do I stay focused?
Do I have to credit the stitch dictionary?
Where do I find sizing standards?
How do I get better at sketching?
What does my design process look like?
How do I make my designs stand out from the crowd?
Can I use discontinued/hard to get yarns?
Should I be able to knit the sample in one week?
Is it okay for testers to use different yarn?
Does sketching differ if it is for a magazine?
Thoughts on grading by using different needle/hook sizes
What if I want to rebrand and use a different name for designing?
How do I know if my design is original?
How much time should you expect to spend as a hobby designer?
What to do when your pattern doesn't sell as well as you hoped?
Giving gauge in pattern or in stockinette?

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