Learn About Tech Editing by Joeli Kelly

Learn About Tech Editing

If you love knitting and numbers, or if you publish patterns, you might want to learn all about tech editing.
In this course you'll learn:
  • what a tech editor does
  • the difference between tech editors and test knitters
  • what makes a good tech editor
  • the tools a tech editor needs
  • the different paths to becoming a tech editor 
I've also included my Tech Editing Test Drive Workshop. In this workshop I show you how I edit a shawl pattern -- start to finish. But you don't just have to watch me edit, you can give it a go yourself first! You'll get the unedited pattern and my basic editing checklist so you can try it yourself before watching me.

What's included?

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Learn More About Tech Editing
How do you become a tech editor?
What tools does a tech editor need?
Tech Editing Test Drive
The Pattern
434 KB
The Checklist
42.1 KB
The Workshop
FREE PREVIEW of Learn-Build-Grow Program!
LESSON: Module 3 -- Basic Math Checks
13 mins
27.8 KB
What's next?

Welcome to The Tech Editor Hub!

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