A Masterclass in Grading by Joeli Kelly
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A Masterclass in Grading

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What's included?

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Introduction to A Masterclass in Grading
Julie's Module -- An Overview of Grading
A History of Grading
8 mins
What is Grading?
4 mins
Defining the Body and Choosing a Size Chart
7 mins
Size Chart Resources
Intro to Making My Own Size Chart
2 mins
Creating Custom Size Chart
17 mins
Going from Fit Size Chart to Garment Size Chart
7 mins
[Replay] Q&A 1
Melissa's Module
Setting up Sizing Charts & Grading for Client vs Self
21 mins
Grading Garment Widths
12 mins
Calculating Lengths
9 mins
Stitch Counts
14 mins
Row Counts
6 mins
Rate of Increases & Decreases
15 mins
Questions for Potential Clients
10 mins
Grading for a Client (Crochet Example)
24 mins
The Botched Job
8 mins
Sarah's Module
How I Grade by Sarah Walworth
829 KB
Tricot Edit Grading Questionnaire (PDF)
131 KB
Ochre design details (PDF)
170 KB
Ochre Cardigan DEMO pattern (PDF)
335 KB
Ochre DEMO grading (Excel Spreadsheet)
204 KB
(1h 33m 29s)