Welcome to The Tech Editor Hub!

This is the place for nerdy handknitters and crocheters to find the technical tools, support, and information they need to build successful businesses in the fiber industry.

Learn To Tech Edit Knitting

    This comprehensive video course takes you step-by-step through everything you need to know to become a knitting tech editor.

    Learn To Tech Edit Crochet

      This course teaches you the skills you need to tech edit crochet patterns, gives you the knowledge to start your business and get your first clients. 

      Marketing for Humans, to Humans

        An in-depth training covering everything you need to know to approach marketing from a place that feels good.

        Mini Course: Creating Schematics & Sketches on an iPad (using Apple Pencil)

          Learn how to make professional looking schematics and sketches on an iPad using the Apple Pencil.

          Mini Course: Creating Schematics in Inkscape

            24 pre-made schematics which can be edited and customised to fit your needs. Plus tutorials so you can learn how to create your own!

            Mini Course: Designer Bootcamp

              Step-by-step process to creating, publishing, marketing and selling your first design.